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One River Point – You can’t go wrong

The Miami River is quickly becoming one of the hottest areas in Miami.

You can’t go wrong with One River Point, you can’t go wrong


Go to the   One River Point website


Very close to the centers of Arts, Culture, Design, Sports.  Minutes from the new Shopping Mall at Brickell City Centre, the Financial District, a short drive to the new areas at Wynwood, Edgewater, and the Design District, the Miami River has added a distinctive facet to the bustling city.

An array of eateries and restaurants, many on the waterfront are the best kept secret of everybody.

This is a list, but it will be soon outdated:





But that create a problem. Living in close vicinity to all this food !


One River Point – Miami


has found the best solution for your health and your shape.

They have put together:

A Fitness Center by the Wright Fit

A Full service Spa with treatment programs by Adrian Zecha

A Leisure Pool

A Regulation-size Pool

A full range of fitness classes,  including pilates and yoga

Locker rooms and dedicated training areas.

 One River Point – Miami

is the most recent luxury project on the Miami River Waterfront.

Two impressive 60-floor towers, with 350 units, alongside 327 feet of river frontage, are expected to become an icon of luxury, design, and sophistication.

A special feature of the ONE RIVER POINT  will be its  


Residents at the One River Point will enjoy:


•35,000 sq ft members-only club linking the two towers via a floating glass sky-bridge
•Three levels of club amenities including:
•10,000 sq ft sky-bridge club garden and terrace
•Club suites for guests
•Fine-dining restaurant, craft cocktail bar and cigar lounge
•Chef’s kitchen, wine cellar and tasting room
•Private and public dining rooms
•Screening and media rooms
•Library and Resident’s Lounge
•Fully equipped business center with conference and meeting rooms

To find out about availability, pricing, more informatiom or reservations, please call:


United Realty Group

(954) 296-6741

(800) 416-2747


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South Florida New condo sales

slump in 4th Quarter 2015

Most developers struggled to sell new condos in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale market during the fourth quarter and two projects with unimpressive sales totals were put on hold, according to a report by brokerage ISG World.


ISG World surveyed all major condos in pre-sales status in the eastern part of Miami-Dade County, plus Hollywood, Hallandale Beach and Fort Lauderdale.


It included all projects that started construction since the building boom resumed in 2011 and those that are currently taking pre-sales even if they have yet to break ground. The survey counts units as having hard contracts on them as sold even before they close, since most developers need 50 or 60 percent of units under contract before they break ground.

The Krystal Tower condo project in Miami was placed on hold.

By the end of December, 13,248 units were sold, an increase of just 302 units from the September report. That’s down from 537 new units sold during the third quarter, a number that was also considered disappointing.


“It’s very slow,” ISG Principal Craig Studnicky said. “The market is very, very quiet right now, particularly in South America because of the high dollar.”


The dollar has doubled or tripled in value compared to many South American currencies in recent years, making condos here more expensive. The Miami condo market relies heavily on South American buyers with the new 50 percent deposit model. Fort Lauderdale attracts more domestic buyers, so it hasn’t been impacted as much, he added. Yet, few domestic buyers are willing to put down 50 percent.


The latest Florida Realtors existing condo stats for December reflect that trend, with a big dive in Miami-Dade sales and a moderate dip in Broward County.


December and January are challenging months to sell to South Americans because they go on long vacations. Still, sales do not seem to getting much better until the currency situation gets more favorable for them.


The ISG World report said that 76 percent of the new condos on the market since 2011 were sold through December, the same percentage as in the previous report because some new projects launched sales. There were 4,105 new condos on the market that were unsold, which is over 13 quarters (three-plus years) of inventory at the fourth quarter’s anemic sales pace.


If that sales pace doesn’t pick up, a lot of developers could face tough decisions.
ISG World reported that Krystal Tower in downtown Miami and OceanBleau in Hollywood were both put on hold.


The 153-unit Krystal Tower was to be the first Miami project by Brazilian developer Rodolfo Ishak. It launched sales in November 2014, with an average price of $450 per square foot. It was to be located at 530 N.W. First Court, which currently has a five-story shell of a project that stalled during the recession.
In a previous interview, Ishak said he planned to start construction of Krystal Tower once pre-sales hit 50 percent.




 The Krystal Tower Project on hold now

The ISG World report from September pegged Krystal Tower at just 20 percent sold.

Roderyck Reiter, of Grand Floridian Estate Realty, said his firm is no longer the exclusive brokerage of Krystal Tower. Ishak didn’t return an email seeking comment.


The 48-unit Oceanbleau was planned at 6085 N. Ocean Drive by Maxwelle Real Estate Group.


A representative of the developer confirmed the project was placed on hold but wouldn’t say why.


The ISG World report from September listed Oceanbleau as 21 percent sold. When it launched sales in March 2015, units started at $1.6 million and ranged from 3,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet.


Studnicky said projects that have broken ground because they sold most of their units should be fine because they likely have construction funding in hand. Many of them are offering higher commissions, as much as 10 percent in some cases, to sell out their remaining units, he said.


“Most developers in Miami went from 6 percent to 7 percent. When commissions are that high it’s a buyer’s market; “If a project is mature and has its construction loan, it could drop the deposit requirements to 30 percent, but without enough pre-sales it must keep it at 50 percent for the project to work.”


The developers that haven’t broken ground and don’t have many pre-sales could have problems unless sales improve, Studnicky said. He expects more projects to be placed on hold.


Looking at the new condo projects with 50 percent of fewer pre-sales through December in the ISG World report, plus the change from September:


Auberge Beach Residences Fort Lauderdale South Tower – 10 percent of 114 units, launched sales during fourth quarter.


Four Seasons Private Residences Fort Lauderdale – 11 percent of 42 units, down from 20 percent.


32One in Fort Lauderdale – 17 percent with 23 units, launched sales during fourth quarter.


Aurora in Sunny Isles Beach – 20 percent with 61 units, launched sales during fourth quarter.


Elysee in Edgewater – 25 percent with 100 units, launched sales during fourth quarter.


Turnberry Ocean Club – 30 percent of 154 units, unchanged.


Estates at Acqualina- 30 percent of 264 units, unchanged.


Paramount Miami Worldcenter – 35 percent with 500 units, unchanged.


Brickell City Centre Tower II – Rise – 40 percent with 390 units, unchanged.


Brickell Flatiron – 45 percent with 548 units, up from 40 percent.


Aventura Park Square – 46 percent of 131 units, up from 38 percent.


AquaMar Las Olas – 50 percent of 20 units, up from 45 percent.


L’Atelier – 50 percent of 21 units, unchanged.


Louver House – 50 percent of 12 units, unchanged.


For some of these projects, the clock is ticking. Studnicky noted that all buyer contracts have deadlines when a project must begin construction and be completed.


If a developer can’t execute by that date because they haven’t generated enough sales, the buyers could demand their deposits back, he said.


Studnicky predicts there won’t be many condo ground breakings in 2016. This year will be about developers selling out the projects that already started construction and securing approvals for condos that could ramp up in 2017. If construction slows down, that could lower development costs and make it easier to build, he added.


“If the dollar was where it was a year ago, we’d be sold out,” Studnicky said.

On the bright side, some new condo projects had solid sales during the fourth quarter.


The Auberge Beach Residences Fort Lauderdale North Tower officially launched sales and reported 90 percent of its 57 units pre-sold.


Hyde Midtown’s 395 units went from 45 percent to 65 percent pre-sold.


The Zaha Hadid-designed 1000 Museum in Miami increased from 50 percent to 60 percent sold with 83 units.


The Surf Club Four Seasons Private Residences Miami Beach’s 150 units went from 70 percent to 80 percent pre-sold.


Oceana Bal Harbour’s pre-sales increased from 65 percent to 75 percent with 239 units.


Breaking down the fourth quarter new condo sales by area in the ISG report:


Brickell had 94 sales with 1,143 unsold units remaining. Since 2011, 81 percent of the new condos have sold.


Downtown Miami had a net loss of 10 units sold (impact of Krystal Towers placed on hold) with 358 unsold units. It had 62 percent of the units sold.


The Biscayne Corridor/Edgewater led the region with 119 sales and had 980 unsold units left. It had 78 percent of units sold.


The Beaches (Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour, Sunny Isles Beach, Hallandale and Hollywood) had 40 sales with 894 unsold units remaining. It had 74 percent of units sold.


Aventura had 19 sales with 184 unsold units left. It sold 67 percent of its new condos.


North Miami Beach/Key Biscayne/Coconut Grove sold 17 units with 194 units unsold. It has sold 86 percent of its condos.


Fort Lauderdale sold 23 units with 352 units remaining. It has sold 50 percent of its condos.

Studnicky said the projects with larger units that are suitable for families tend to sell better in this market.


Read in South Florida Business Journal, Jan 26, 2016


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Miami is a city in transformation and Brickell is symbolic of this change. The gateway to Latin America has changed over the last 10 years and has become a real city, and Brickell is at the center of the action – from hotels like The Viceroy, The Mandarin Oriental to the financial district and luxury residences.

Miami has gained momentum. We have even seen large corporations like SAB-MILLER moving its headquarters from Latam to Brickell. The Miami of today doesn’t need much selling. It’s still a great vacation destination, but now, more than ever, the local industry is growing.


The Magic City is a great place to live and catch a glimpse of a melting pot of different cultures. Whether you come from the south or east, Miami is the perfect destination for you.


With the mix of countries in Miami expanding, you can see more Europeans, from France, Italy, England, even Russia, and Latin-Americans, mainly Brazilians, Venezuelans, Colombians. You can get a view of the world right from your window.

With this revolutionary development and a solid financial structure, we are looking at new projects coming up, including towers with apartments starting at $1 million to others with more than 500 units. Just like any other iconic neighborhood, the center of Brickell is getting busier every day.

The positive thing is that there’s still an opportunity to be near the action, but still be in a residential area where there is absolutely no traffic. Brickell expands to the southeast where small buildings are becoming the place to be if what you’re looking for is big living.



21 layouts

There isn’t a better location for better living.





The place where we live should be much more than a place to sleep. It should be a place where entertaining should be a priority. That is why our entertainment goes to the TOP, our rooftop.

While most buildings have their entertainment in the lower floors, we’ve housed ours upstairs. For one simple reason: more space, more sun, more living.

Just 10 floors above the ground you’re on cassa’s Sundeck: one of Miami’s best rooftops.


On this rooftop you’ll find:

• Interior and exterior dining with a summer kitchen.

• A sunset deck to enjoy the sun anytime of the day, if the clouds allow, or see the moon, no matter what side she’s on.

• A vegetable and herb garden where you can grow your secret ingredients, just as the most famous Peruvian restaurants do.

• An infinity-edge pool to refresh yourself, a jacuzzi to relax, a steam room, a multi-purpose room and a fitness center to get in shape.

• Multipurpose room, DJ station, binoculars, sky shower…






Nature at home by Simone Stark



La Petite Fleur is a full scale floral and interior/exterior landscape design company owned by Simone Stark. Born in the US with a French background, Simone has a comprehensive knowledge of plants, arboriculture and maintenance strategies.

She is the perfect landscaping advisor for cassa brickell residents to know: when and what to plant, how to grow, how to fertilize, when to prune.


The right garden accessories and plant species can set the tone for an incredible outdoor atmosphere, an invigorating place of retreat that residents can have right on their terraces.






Events byArianna works with a clear mission: You dream it, we make it happen. They keep you happy and relieve your stress, so you can focus on being the perfect host.


The company is owned by Arianna Grijalba. She was born in 1982 and is a citizen of the world. Raised in Venezuela, Arianna received her college education in the U.S. majoring in Culinary Arts.

Then she spent a year in Madrid getting her masters in Event Planning and Protocol, and then she finally settled down in Miami.


She has the taste to always create a memorable experience for every budget, and her ability to adapt to change is flawless. She is very humble and graceful to her team and colleagues because planning an event is NOT a one-person show.


She is the perfect match for the cassa brickell rooftop, where residents will enjoy all types of events planned by this strong and disciplined professional.







Modern Living is also about having a healthy lifestyle; it is about a balance between performing well at work and with family, being more active and less stationary. cassa brickell’s fitness advisor, Ana M. Sanchez, shared with us her fitness experience.
How would you advise someone to start building a fitness routine?


“In my opinion, exercise is a habit that you have to acquire. It is not easy for everyone to motivate themselves by talking. It’s better if you set a goal before you start. And every day visualize your goal and give yourself positive thoughts.


It is said that if you do an activity for 21 days straight, it will become a habit. I try to start the training in the morning, so you have the whole day for your work and daily activities.


Plus, if you exercise at the end of the day that’s when you are most tired physically and mentally. Try to complement your workout routine with a healthy foods and drink lots of water.



For more information or reservations, please call:



United Realty Group Inc.

(800) 416-2747

(954) 296-6741


Visit my websites:











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Marina Palms Construction Progress



Now that the North Tower at Marina Palms Yacht Club & Residences is complete and residents are moving in, the focus is on the South Tower. You can view here the South Tower construction progress.



construction progress - Dec-29-15 Marina Palms South

The South Tower is rising quickly and on schedule for completion by the end of 2016, with residences more than 80% sold and are selling fast.

2 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms starting at $900,000
2 bedrooms 3 bathrooms + convertible den starting at $950,000
3 bedrooms 3.5 bathrooms + den starting at $1,200,000

Additional Waterfront Residences Priced From The $500’s a sq ft


South Tower is under construction; 40% deposit due at contract


For more information or reservations, please call:

Henry B. Nathan

United Realty Group Inc.

(954) 296-6741


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New Construction Miami News

New Construction Miami News


FAA warns six Miami towers could be too tall, including Related Group projects



We read today in the South Florida Business Journal:
The FAA notified developers of six high-rise towers in Miami in August that their proposed projects could be too tall, including two condo buildings by the Related Group.
The “notice of presumed hazard” letters are interim warnings and not final rulings. They’re based on the FAA’s initial findings that the towers could obstruct or have an adverse physical or electromagnetic effect on aircraft landing at Miami International Airport, which is west of downtown Miami.
The developers have 60 days to request that the FAA conduct further study, which could take an additional 120 days.
Miami-based Related Group got FAA letters on its Auberge Residences and Spa at 1400 Biscayne Blvd. and its unnamed residential/hotel tower at 444 Brickell Ave. The developer wanted Auberge to reach 530 feet and 444 Brickell to soar 635 feet, but the FAA recommended 445 feet and 465 feet, respectively.
Carlos Rosso, head of condo development at the Related Group, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.
Florida East Coast Realty got an FAA warning for its 1201 Brickell Bay, proposed with 955 feet and 787 residences. Yet, the FAA said those plans should be cut to 489 feet. FECR VP Dean Warhaft couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.
New York-based Chetrit Group’s CG Miami River wants its mixed-use project on the Miami River to rise 622 feet, but the FAA said it should be restricted to 421 feet. Located at Southwest 3rd Avenue between Southwest 5th Street and Southwest 6th Street, the project would have a mix of residential, hotel, retail and office space. Chetrit representatives could not be reached for comment.
Louis R. Montello’s Regalia Beach Developers, the same group that built the Regalia condominium in Sunny Isles Beach, plan to build a 969-foot-tall Regalia Biscayne at 340 Biscayne Blvd. The property, currently a hotel, is under contract to be sold to them. Yet, the FAA said the tower should be only 457 feet tall.
The Elysee Residences aims to be the tallest condo tower in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood, but not if the FAA gets its way. Two Roads Development’s proposal for a 644-foot tower at 700 N.E. 23rd Street could be cut to 467 feet.
Executives for Regalia Beach Developers and Two Roads could not immediately be reached for comment.
It should be noted that the FAA’s findings are preliminary and further study could ease its height restrictions for these projects. Still, this is a reminder why Miami likely won’t have Dubai-style skyscrapers.  Aug 31, 2015 – South Florida Business Journal

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One Paraiso Pre-Construction News.

One Paraiso, a Miami Edgewater residential project has recently broken ground.
The developer, Related Group, contracted the foundation work with Plaza Construction. Arquitectonica designed the project.
The waterfront 31st Street building is going full steam forward now that they received a 117 million dollars loan by a mortgage group of lenders that includes Deutsche Bank.
One Paraiso, as per the sales office information has almost sold out all 272 units in the 53 floor building, on the Edgewater waterfront.
Its sister project, the Paraiso Bay, is under advanced construction; while another Paraiso, the Paraiso Bayview, is also close to ground-breaking and seeking its own construction loan.

The last related project Gran Paraiso is just starting its pre-construction sales at this time.
Edgewater, North of downtown Miami, and close to the Design District, Wynwood, and Midtown, is now the home of multiple luxury residential projects.

July 21, 2015


Henry B. Nathan is a realtor in South Florida, specializing in Pre-Construction Sales.

Please call me for information on all ongoing projects at (800) 416-2747   (954) 296-6741

or write me at:

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